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I paid sixty pounds for this set so let's start talking with some of the ancillary things that I managed to get in this set airbrush art, and then work our way to the more interesting parts, so the first thing I've got here are a set of stencils and these are sort of for art or you know sort of cake making that sort of stuff, if you've got food edible paints, then you can use these on top of your creations and use them as interesting stencils there airbrush foundation.To be a panda bear with some love hearts and various other items, I mean they look alright but it's probably something that I'm not going to use if you are into this sort of thing then that's great, but personally not for me, so let's put that to one side, and let's look at the next bit that came with the set a whole bag of bits and pieces, so let's get the first thing out we've got a selection of measuring cups or mixing cups and these are quite nice because they've got this little plastic pouring bit on this end here which makes it really easy to pour any paints you've mixed into the air brush, you get quite a few of these it looks to be maybe about ten but the plastic is quite thin, and it is a little bit sort of squash abul so these probably won't last very long but that's okay because you know they're sort of disposable anyway we've got some bottles.A couple of bottles and lids to go with it, which is quite good, so if you've mixed up some paints then you can pop your paints in the bottles so that they don't dry out plastic noses a little bit harder, so it might last a bit longer, we've got a measuring cup which has some tape in it by the looks of it, so on the side here it's measured in millimeters, and it goes up to thirty at the maximum amount there.On this side, however it's got more increment so we've got 27.5 and seven point five twelve point five so depending on how accurate you want to be you check either side that's alright little bit thin plastic boot OK, we have got a lot of these, this is the kind of stuff that I would have used at school for science to try and measure out different amounts of liquid, these at the time when I was using called pets or probably in other places called pipettes, but just squeeze a little suckers, and they suck liquids up and you can see that they've got measuring Marks on the side there as well, just in case you need to know exactly how much you're so you know that would be quite handy when I come to mix some paints, they've got some clips not entirely sure why they're in there probably more appropriate for I've known an artist or maybe someone who does tattoos or that sort of thing, not sure why they're in their books.We've got some we've got a big measuring cup with a measure on the side, this one goes up to a hundred mil and you can see, this is sort of made out of silicon, so it's a bit squashy, um I probably won't use that cause I don't think I really make that much paint, but yeah that's an interesting addition, and then lastly in this bag, we have all of these gloves which obviously will become very handy when handling your paints and things so that's not a bad addition, I'm not a fan of wearing gloves, but when I'm actually come to spray I will probably end up wearing these at some point, so with the bits and pieces out of the way we've also got a few other interesting additions for the actual air brush in this bag, we've got a cleaning tool there we go that's for cleaning out the nozzle quite nice, be careful with access question.Sharp comes in this nice little gold case, we've got some little metallic sort of rumors as well for cleaning out more bits of paint from your brush and we've got some of these little brushes too, so that's quite nice if you're just starting out in air brushing like I am this will be very beneficial in this bag, we've got a selection of different sized needles, so let's just get them out and see what we've got, fortunately they are all labeled up so let's see not point five mil 9. 2 and 9.3.So we've got some different sizes of needles and nozzles there so depending on what you want to do with your painting, you can pick the size of the nozzle and the needle to make sure you get bigger or smaller spray, so we've also got a moisture trap, this is to go on the compressor and you can see that it's already caught some moisture and a little caveat now as I get into the other bits and pieces, I've already actually started using this to find out how it works, so if it does look a little bit dirty in places, that's because I haven't cleaned it properly, but when it was new, it was all perfectly clean, so this moisture trap, as you can see has traps and moisture which is pretty handy because that's what it's supposed to do.And this gets screwed.Onto this now, this is the compressor and as you can see, it's quite a simple looking box, this part here is the holder to the air brush and originally when it came, it came loose like that, so all you have to do is pop that in there so it holds the air brush that on and off that's all you get there this side is where you can control the amount of pressure but having actually used it depending on how far you screw it is actually only a small amount of difference, so when it's all the way out you get quite a lot of pressure and then you just turn a little bit down and the pressure reduces but to be honest I have just been using it on full power.The moisture trap, I've just screwed onto the side here and then the next thing you want to do is attach the hose and we get a hose that looks like this, so this hose is about a meter long and it's quite flexible I believe it's a rubber hose and it's got these screw connectors on the ends, so all we needed to do was screw it onto the end of the moisture trap, let's go.And at the other end when I found it that end will go to your air brush, there is one more thing before we can get started is the power supply and we've got a UK plug adapter here and as you can see it is an output of twelve volts and it comes with a sort of standard plug, so if you did manage to lose this for whatever reason, you would be able to easily source a replacement and that's that pretty much set up what we need to do this is plugin, so finally the last thing to look at will be the actual air brush and that comes in this nice little display box, this box is quite handy because it will protect your air brush, if you ever need to take it anywhere, but it is a little bit cheap as eclipse here on the side I fear that I will probably end up breaking them off in due time a little plastic insert protects your part, we get another. Little bit back and we've got a little tool here for helping you to disassemble your air brush as you need to clean it, and here is the pierce the resistance, the actual air brush so as you can see, I've got a gravity Fed the paint will go in here and beat Fed by gravity into the chamber where it will come out of the nozzle, it's a dual action air brush, so when I press down, that introduces the air and as I pull back, it introduces paint, so the more I pull back the more paint, I get.You can get single action air brushes which only have the backward of forward motion and as you go backwards and forwards, it introduces both air and paint at the same time which although is a simpler design, it doesn't give you the same control as a dual action having this function where you can apply ba and then add your amount of paint is quite handy on the bottom we've got this adapter and I believe that sort of for rubber hoses which will just slide over the top and lock into place, but for the version, I've got here I need to actually take that off and put that back in the box because when I attach the other end.I need to have the screw bit in place and that's it, that's it, now set up ready to be used, you do get instructions in this.So the instructions in here are OK they're alright, but they're not amazing, it tells you how to strip it down and the different parts that come included in it but it's not particularly, um to the point, it's sort of a little bit vague so I did have to sort of figure out what I was doing as I went along there is also an instruction manual for the air compressor, but again it's sort of the same format, it doesn't give you as much information as you probably feel like you need it, I mean that's it that's pretty much it put some safety information and.Spare part, but you know it's not it's not great but it's okay, it's okay to live with, we can work around that so that's it that's everything that comes inside the set I've seen online various other brands of air brush or they tend to be quite expensive, the more fancy you go the better sort of quality but this one seems to be alright it's made of metal a it seems to be so I don't know if it's plated but that's what the impression I'm getting here, this assembles quite easily.And it's got various opponents inside it doesn't feel to be the highest quality, but it works and that's what I need it to do so I will just demonstrate to you it working and you can see how loud the compressor is because that's the only problem with the compressor is how loud it is so you might want to upgrade that in the future if you feel like you can't cope with the volume.So that's the compressor on and it's actually probably about a metre away, it's almost maybe half a meter away it's half a meter away from my microphone's little water and x. I cleaned it earlier, but that's it that's the whole ambush kit so.I'll just turn this off, that's quite loud so yeah I don't tend to put on all the time I only put it on for when I need to actually do the air brushing the amount of air that comes out is quite good and the control is reasonable, as well, but I guess what you really want to see is how well it actually paint something so without any further ado, let's start something and see what it's like, so what I've got here is a ethics spitfire Mark one a in one seventy second scale I've actually got quite a few of these and I'm going to be using this as a test bed for this air brush, if you want to see a full build on this model kit there's a beginner's guide to this kit, um on my channel somewhere, so take a look for that or I'll link it in the description below.For this though, I'm just purely going to focus on how well this one paints up so the first thing I've done is I've partially assembled a copy interior and for this bit I'm actually using vallejo Russian uniform green and mixed with a little bit of buff a so that it sort of looks like a cockpit green color are quite like the way these vallejo paints mix and come out of the air brush, they seem to do quite well so I sprayed this entire internal area, um, and then when it was dry I actually went back and picked out some of the details using a paintbrush and I applied the details in my normal way with that done, I'm using the included humble 33 matte black which came as part of the gift set to air brush the tires on the wheels and the propeller.This black paint was thinned with a little bit of water and it actually sprayed out of the air brush quite well whilst I've got this black paint in the air brush, I'm going to use it on a few other places including the internal areas of the wings where the machine guns would be and I'm also going to try a little bit of pre shading on the outside of the model when it's been completed with that done I mixed the included humble ninety move some water inside the air brush and then apply that as well and as you can see this one applied really well to the model I actually thought that this was one of the best paints which I was using from the kit.I then repeated the process this time with humble 29 which was included, that's the dark brown color, and I have already mastered all the areas I don't want this to go on seeing as this is my first time using an air brush I thought it best to sort of mask these areas rather than trying to freehand and possibly make a bit that pig's ear of it, after a few coats of this and with this one now dry I applied a camouflage scheme with masking tape, and this time I'm going to be using humble thirty dark green a which was also included in the gift set.With that, all done I removed the masking tape and there was a little bit of paint loop, but that was mostly my fault and not the fault of the air brush as I just hadn't simply pushed down the masking tape enough onto the model.I will apply decals using my normal methods, and then go over the top using a matte varnish for more information on that as I've said take a look at the beginner's guide, but generally speaking, though I was actually pretty impressed with how well this air brush performed granted I've not got much experience to actually go off of hair to determine whether this is a quality product or not, but it seems to me that it is worth the sixty pounds I spent especially seen as it comes as a ready to go set with all the cleaning stuff that you might need compressor hoses and a moisture trap.The fact that it comes with some different size nozzles as well means that I can expand my skills as I get better with using this product, so anyway, I hope that this has been a helpful insight for you guys especially if you're new to air brushing like me and I hope you'll agree with me that this sixty pound air brush gift set was a good deal, yes it has got a few little issues here and there particularly loud compressor, but generally I'm quite happy with this and I'm looking forward to getting started with some more kits and hopefully my air brushing skills will grow.