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Let's start with the easiest to fix and go from there temptu airbrush kit, the first thing to check is to see if your air brush needle is bent, if the tip is bent, it will catch paint as it exits your air brush and the flow of air will cause it to dry leaving you the k key needle or paint splotches, take your gun apart and look at the needle, if it's even a little bent replace it makeup airbrush kit.There's no such thing as a needle with a small bend, if it's bent it's bent replace it.I highly recommend having a backup needle on hand just in case it always seems to bend at the most inconvenient times paint drawing on the needle is a common side effect of using thicker consistency paint the easiest way to fix this is to clean off your needle tip with a damp brush then either increase the PS eye on your compressor or thin, your paint with a flow, improve or you can easily add flow, improve or to your paint cup on your air brush or you can mix your paint in a paint cup off to the side. What is the correct consistency of paint, we want the paint to flow smoothly and easily when I tilt the cup but we don't want to run as freely as water, typically I place my PS I around thirty however on my old air brush I cranked it up to 64, even thin paint.So every air brush every compressor is unique, so be sure to play around with yours, the nozzle is clogged with cleaning a tip of your needle doesn't work the next thing to check is to see if your nozzle is clogged as the paint dries on your needle tip, it can back up and begin to dry in your nozzle as well, this is again a simple fix, just an assemble your air brush pore cleaning solution into the nozzle and take a small nozzle pin and begin to scrape away the debris don't push your pin too hard at the end of the nozzle, bending or ripping the nozzle tip will ruin it requiring a replacement sometimes even the above doesn't help, if you need it, you can also try using needle loop needle loop helps temporarily cover the imperfections of your needle that paint can adhere to problem to paint spiders and spider ones, though certainly less common than our first problem, this problem can be just as frustrating and annoying over thin paint and too high of a PS.The opposite of using toothpick of paint splatters and spider webs could be caused by using paint that is too thin or using a pesticide that is too high, when the PS eye is too high for your paint consistency, it causes the particles of your paint to break apart before they have the chance to bond with the surface you're painting, if you mix your own paint, this can be fixed by simply adding more paint to your mixture, if you are specifically working with thinner paints like diluted inks, try turning your pie silo or something closer to twenty the second most likely option is that you are too close to your surface and or not moving your brush as you paint like using too high of a PS I spring to close or not moving your brush doesn't allow the particles the time they need to properly adhere to your model I usually spray several inches away from my model, however holding the brush, this faraway causes a wider spray pattern, if you want to only paint a particular area.Instead of holding the brush very close to the model try using silly putty or liquid mask to cover areas you don't want painted otherwise, if you do want to be that close to the model try lowering your PS I, as for movement I move my brush in a circular motion problem three gun spits water or paint randomly, or it spits water when I only hold down the trigger your gun sprays water when pushing down the trigger or suddenly spurts out ruining the paint you've already applied then you need to empty the water trap on your compressor as your compressor works, humidity builds up in the water trap so that water doesn't spray out of your gun, if the trap is full, that really important step doesn't happen, luckily, it's an easy fix push the button on your water trap to remove excess water, make sure your compressor is on if there is still water in the water trap unscrew the trap and allow it to air dry, if there is water already in your clothes.Unscrew, the hose and let it dry out overnight let's talk about this week's sponsor into the am I'm a jeans and a t-shirt kind of gal as I think most painters are and when I'm working I want to wear something comfortable and that's where this week's sponsor into the am comes in those shirts are comfortable high-quality and come in a variety of designs and styles for painters, just like you into the am also offers bundles with three graphic tees for sixty dollars and three basic tees for 45, my viewers get a further 10% off when they use the link in my description box, alright back to the video problem for gun is bubbling paint, if the paint is bubbling in or from your gun that means that air is escaping in places it shouldn't if it is bubbling back up into the cup, then air isn't moving through the gun as it should and instead of flowing forwards out the gun becomes blocked and reroute itself back up into the cup, when this happens to a full on.Simple and clean, if paint is bubbling out from here on the side, the most likely cause is that you did not screw your average together tight enough and air is finding new ways to escape, or you need to replace your overriding problem five the needle is stock and or the trigger is loose, if he first had trouble with the trigger moving pulled hard and now it moves freely with no paint exiting the gun or the needle, even moving it's because the needle adhered to the inside of the gun preventing it from moving when you pull the trigger back you loosened the grip between your trigger and needle and now it no longer moves the trigger, this requires a full gun clean, you can prevent this in the future by always cleaning your needle when you are done painting and take note there may be specific brands or styles of paint that causes this to happen more than others, my favorite matte varnish always makes my needle stick, therefore I tend to wait.Use it until I have several models that need to be varnished and then varnish everything at once, so I only need to give the gun a really good clean one time problem, six paint is sticky and won't seem to dry if your paint is sticky after you apply it be sure to give your pain enough time to dry in between coats some paints like white inks take longer to dry and therefore need more time before applying another coat and need a thinner coat in general I recommend doing several light passes instead of a few are heavier ones allowing the paint to dry between each pass to speed up the drying process, you can also blow straight air onto the surface by pushing down the trigger without pulling back if your pain is still sticky after a few hours just strip and start again problem seven paint is spraying out of the gun when pushing down the trigger pain sprang without pulling back the trigger is never a good sign, the cause is that your needle is not sitting flush with.The nozzle unscrew, the nut at the back of your gun and push the needle forward, thank you so much into the am for sponsoring this video remember if you want to get 10% off your next order, be sure to use the link down in my description box.