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electric professional manicure pedicure set and apparently it's a design and engineered engineering in German right here french manicure design, Germany and you can see my hands, my fingers are not manicure ideas.Clean because I was waiting for this and I was excited to use it, so let's open it.Oh, it comes to a little couch a couch.Probably the number one health care brand in Europe.Alright, thanks, and.It comes with ten high-quality attachments.Ten single use attachments, manicure pedicure device doctor sir pouch dash does shield instruction for use. Okay, and.Oh, so pretty look.Maybe I can start my own.Manicure pedicure spa or something, um, that's good massage, if we have. She a meaning messenger for free, oh for free, okay.MHM.I will certainly do this or they just mean messenger four feet, okay. We have other items products as well, and there's instruction right here, this is a single attachment.There.Yeah.Yeah.Who smoked naturally.Perfect, because usually I'm the plug in the us in Germany is it's the pokey one, um I believe there's three a key but this one only has to which is um good for us here in Canada and apparently it is, um.See instructions, men offer using countries added in the USA, USA or Canada pretty much the same class two power supply, OK so pretty much you attach it here here. And push the power button right there.And I guess the.Volume. So this is the shield.System is supposed to be here.I guess I really have to.Read my instructions, oh yeah see so when you're cleaning.Like that. Yes, dirt wood gold days, so one two three four five six of that.And I think.'s actual cases.I don't mind my fingers, so dry and.Not clean.Okay, I'm so excited so I will read the instruction and go from there.HM mm. Za za.Yeah.For you.Za za.ZA.ZA.HMM.ZA.Yeah.Za za za.Za za za, so yes to this I really really really love it, so as I mentioned I bought it for 1320 air miles on air mouse that CA right now it's on sale for about 1000.ATM miles at at the moment, so if someone's interested of buying one so they can do it on their own, instead of going to the salon and get it done, which is about I think typically about 5060 dollars every session and usually it lasted like about um, if you really take care of it, it will last about a month, but if you have your own you don't need to pay that much but to be honest when I had my emails then alright this one it took me maybe about six hours, it's because we have it was my first time trying out the foley jail, um it's similar to a sherlock, but um.ON.Top of my real nails, but again marriage is about this again I highly highly highly recommended this to you guys and yeah so hopefully you like my video and again hoping that you guys like this one as well.Why not.Can a match right, but these two actually change color right now my hand is supposed to be or my nails supposed to be warm, so that's why it's clear they're all match, you can see, it's gradually changing the dark color because my hands getting cold now.But that.I know don't mind it's not perfectly done because that was my first time using the polio polish, so let me just run look at that it's like an arm break, let me just run my fingers on a cold water, see how fast it is. No nicer finish gata three fingers didn't change because that's just plain giselle.Yep, we love it.