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And this was the result men's moisturizing socks, but instead of doing nothing, I attempted to coerce the skin off my foot socks that wick moisture. I wasn't prepared at this point for what to expect. I didn't have anything near me, so I used my nail.Okay.And I also just used my hands to really kind of rub in circular motions to get that skin to fall right off because it's already so close I promise this is not a sound of thank list looks like it just still wasn't quite doing it, so after massaging off all the dead skin I was still left with quite a considerable layer of callus ING in my usual areas, my foot is very soft in places that it usually is soft. However, as you guys can see, I still have my usual calluses in z suspected areas. You can see the thickness, like all that is callous. Still, some work to do, still all of the regular work to do, to be honest, so I decided to give it one more day to see if anything else would come off. I put my socks back. On and then the following day I soaked my feet again after that massage my feet I used the washcloth just a regular washcloth, none of my textured ones because again I wanted to see what the appeal was doing and I didn't want to affect the results by using any other product, my final determination was what I had suspected on the previous day that this appeal is going to eradicate thin layers of skin, however if you have moderate to severe calluses like I do, this is only going to get rid of a few layers and not eliminate the entire thing, so do I recommend this product, yes I actually do because some of you guys mention you may not have as much agility in your ankles and have a hard time reaching them so if you want soft, smooth results, you could do appeal and then follow up with something like a bristled brush I've linked this one, because I think that the curve shape would make it easier for reaching your feet and actually getting off the skin as it starts to peel because as you saw a towel won't do it.

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